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Harmonizing Hearts  |  Inspiring Fitness  |  Breaking Isolation. 

The Rhythm of Life Society is a charitable foundation based in British Columbia. Our vision is a world in which the transformative power of music and movement elevates the well-being of all peoples. And our mission is to mitigate society’s epidemic of isolation and loneliness by bringing drum circles and fitness events to our communities.


Our Story

The Rhythm of Life Society (ROLS) was incorporated in October 2021 by founding members Lyle Povah and Laurie Bogner. The idea for ROLS originated in 2013 when Lyle envisioned merging his two passions: drumming and running. With a background in music and a newfound love for endurance running, he developed a pilot project called the 'Drum Run Adventure Tour'.

Lyle Povah, the Founder and Executive Director of Rhythm of Life Society, brings over 30 years of experience in music, drum circle facilitation, yoga instruction, and research. Since 1991, he has been involved with the Child Life Department of BC Children's Hospital, using music to uplift pediatric patients, families, and staff. The "Music with Lyle" program was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting Lyle to initiate the Drum Run project, which laid the foundation for Rhythm of Life Society.

The Drum Run Adventure Tour began on September 10th, 2023, with Lyle running 1,500 km through 22 cities in British Columbia over 2.5 months. Along the route, he hosted community drum circles to incorporate the society's belief in the transformative power of music.

In its current phase, ROLS is focused on enhancing local community health initiatives in Metro Vancouver through drum circles and running events, inviting everyone to participate.

Donations are crucial for supporting the BC Children's Hospital Foundation, particularly the Child Life Department, which provides creative and joyful experiences for pediatric patients. Additionally, donations help fund inclusive music and fitness events for individuals of all ages and abilities in the community.

Our Partners

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