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Meet Lyle Povah

Meet Lyle Povah, the Founder and Executive Director of Rhythm of Life Society. He's an international musician, drum circle facilitator, yoga teacher and researcher who uses music and movement to bring people together and promote well-being. Lyle leads programs at events and institutions across the world, including prisons and hospitals.

Since 1991, Lyle has brought a weekly drumming and music program to kids, families and staff at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver. He's also an endurance athlete who has run many marathons, including the Boston and Great Wall of China marathons, and recently completed the "Vancouver 100", a 100 kilometer ultramarathon.

Lyle has had the honour to work with Indigenous groups in BC, the Northwest Territories, and Northern Manitoba. He has made a big impact with his music, leading large events like TedX Stanley Park, Lululemon's International Leadership Conference, and HSBC's team building workshop. The broad spectrum of the work includes workshops and facilitation in these diverse areas: Autism, Community, Corporate, Corrections and Restorative Justice, Churches, Drumming and Yoga Retreats, Eating Disorder Programs and Research, Grief Work, Health Care, Mental Health and Addictions, Palliative Care, and Seniors.

Join Lyle and the Drum Run Team on our Rhythm of Life odyssey to make a MIGHTY difference!

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