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Welcome to Rhythm of Life Society we are a registered non-profit charity organization

Our vision is world in which the transformative power of music and movement elevates the wellness of all peoples.

Our mission is to mitigate the epidemic of isolation and loneliness in our communities. We fulfill this purpose through interactive drum circles and fitness events that engage people of all ages and abilities.

Fundraising for the Child Life Department at BC Children's Hospital

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How Can You Help?


Join our fundraising tour as a dynamic volunteer, and let's unite our community through joyful, health-promoting fun. Join our passionate volunteer team now!


Spark change today! Your gift fuels our mission for BC Children's Hospital Foundation. Join us, be a hero for kids – donate now and make this tour a success!


Ready to leave a lasting legacy in your community and elevate your brand's prominence? Be a game-changer as a corporate sponsor with us!


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" This man Lyle Povah...
has the rhythm of our Mother Earth in his heart ❤️
- Dennis Kale, First Nations Artist
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